Machine Learning
That Increases Conversions

Automatic, self-learning actions that rescue sales you would otherwise lose.

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Why Use Nudgr?

Increase Your Website Conversion Rate Automatically

Nudgr monitors the behaviour of potential customers on your website, identifying visitors who are about to abandon using Machine Learning. It triggers perfectly timed Nudges - such as a discount, incentive or social proof messages - that rescue abandoning customers, raising your conversions and revenue.

How It Works

Nudgr Understands Patterns Of Behaviour, Predicting Abandonment Before It Happens.

Nudgr is installed onto your website with just two pieces of JavaScript, within the page or through a Tag Manager.

Patterns in your customer behaviour are detected, creating unique triggers.

Nudges are triggered when someone is about to abandon, rescuing revenue and conversions.

How It Works

Stop People Abandoning Your Online Checkout, Increase Revenue And Reduce CPA

Easy Install

Just Two Pieces Of Code

Nudgr is designed to work with as little human involvement as necessary. For most people, simply installing the tracking code and designing your Nudges is all it takes to begin gaining revenue you would’ve otherwise lost.

Intelligent and Accurate

Our Machine Learning Algorithms Accurately Predict Customer Intent

Using behavioural data that we capture from your users, Nudgr's algorithms are tailored to your site and your customers. After a period of training, our algorithms can precisely identify patterns of behaviour that precede customers abandoning the site. Think of Nudgr as an incredibly smart exit intent platform.

Revenue Added, Never Reduced

Nudge Customers Who Are About To Abandon

Because Nudgr adapts to your unique customer profile, you can offer incentives to people who are extremely likely to abandon your website. You set the Nudge to suit your customers and campaigns, increasing conversions.

Adapts To Each Customer

“Nudgr understands each website visitor, we can accurately predict if they're going to leave your site. We'll then automatically help them to become a customer.”

Tom New, founder of Nudgr
The Team Behind Nudgr

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