I asked 913 people what they thought about Exit Popups

There’s a group of marketing strategies that combine potential uplift and potential user annoyance. Welcome Mats, Entry Popups and Exit Intent popups are three things that can a) deliver an increase in X (conversions, newsletter signups, cross-selling) but also b) frustrate visitors. In fact they can do both at the same time. I’m particularly interested … Continue reading "I asked 913 people what they thought about Exit Popups"

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Why machine learning is exciting (for marketers)

Nudgr co-founder Tom talks about how marketing software powered by Machine Learning will help Marketing teams improve performance, increase sales and save time. Read his views on the importance of pattern recognition, and why it's better to leave that to computers.

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What problem does Nudgr solve?

Why we're building a platform that uses machine learning to increase website conversions, and how we predict users who are about to exit your website well before they choose to. Read on to understand why we're building a solution that diagnoses and fixes problems automatically.

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